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  Jack is an English teacher at a college.He moved to New York City with   _41__family.Jack is an excellent teacher.So we all missed him very much since he   _42__.Two weeks ago, Jack came back to North Carolina for a short visit.The teachers and students held a small   _43__for him.
At the party.I certainly would not   _44__that good chance to learn English.So I tried to think of all kinds of topics to talk   _45__ Grace,another English teacher.
Suddenly I heard Jack say to others   _46__,“I dig New York!”I immediately asked Grace,“Is it really difficult to find a job in New York?” Why does Jack   _47__ do heavy work since he is such a good teacher?’’
“Why do you think that?”Grace asked me.
‘‘Haven’t you heard him   _48__that he is digging New York? Is he building an underground passage?”I asked.
When she finally realized what I meant,Grace laughed to tears.She then asked us   _49_we knew the meaning of“I dig New York.”All of us shook our   _50__.So Grace asked Jack to explain it•
It turns out that“I dig New York”means“I love New York”in American slang(俚语).
(    )41. A. he    B. his      C. himself
(    )42. A. left       B. leaves         C. leave
(    )43. A. meeting         B. party       C. lecture
(    )44. A. look up    B. call up      C. give up
(    )45. A.  with     B. at      C. of
(    )46. A. angrily          B. sadly             C. loudly
(    )47. A. have to      B. had to          C. has to
(    )48. A. talk         B. say          C. speak
(    )49. A. that     B. whether           C. what
(    )50. A. hands         B. arms            C. heads

  Have you ever done something silly that made you feel so embarrassed(尴尬的)?Well,I had a really bad Saturday morning.
    I went shopping last week,_41__my way home, It began to rain.I quickly ran into a phone box _42__I didn't have an umbrella.It was raining hard and I decided to _43__ in the phone box until it stopped.
_44__minutes later , I saw a young man walk up to the phone box , wearing a yellow raincoat and holding a tool box. I didn’t want to go out into the rain, so I _45__the phone and pretended I was talking to someone . I thought he would go away,but he didn’t.He waited in the _46__ rain, watching me wave my hands about and act as if 1 was deep in conversation.
_47_,the rain stopped after about ten minutes.“OK,Mum,”I said loudly into the phone,
“I’ll see you later. Bye!”I put the phone down and went out of the phone box. “I’m sorry to keep you _48__for so long ,” I said to the man.
“Oh,I don’t want to use the phone,”he replied.“I've just come to repair it.It doesn’t work.”
My face turned_49__and I quickly ran off with my head down. That was certainly the most embarrassing _50__of my life!
(    )41. A. at      B. on        C. in
(    )42. A. so       B. and          C. because
(    )43. A. stay         B. live        C. come
(    )44. A. A few     B. A little      C. A lot
(    )45. A. looked up     B. picked up   C. turned up
(    )46. A. big           B. strong             C. heavy
(    )47. A. Luckily      B. Luck           C. Lucky
(    )48. A. wait        B. waiting          C. waited
(    )49. A. green     B. red           C. white
(    )50. A. chance           B. way            C. time

Everyone knows people need water. But do you know just how __41 _water is to living things ?
Maybe you feel lucky__42 _your life isn’t hard . But it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to worry about water.We all face serious water __43 _.
One of them is water pollution.All kinds of things from cars , factories , farms and homes __44 _our rivers , lakes and oceans dirty . Polluted water is very bad __45_people to drink . And dirty water is bad for fish, __46 _.Now , 34 percent of all kinds of fish are dying out .   
How do cars and factories make our water dirty ? First,they pollute the air.Then,when it__47 _,the rain water comes down and makes our drinking water dirty.Dirty rain,called acid rain,is also bad for plants,animals and buildings.
__48 _people have made wells to get clean water from underground . But there still isn’t enough . Scientists__49 _ that in 30 years, more than half of the people in the world won’t have enough clean water .
When we don’t take care of our water,we are hurting everyone.It’s time to start learning how to save more water for__50 _ and our children.
(    )41. A. difficult   B. important     C. comfortable
(    )42. A. that       B. whether        C. what
(    )43. A. events         B. problems       C. questions
(    )44. A. keep    B. let      C. make
(    )45. A.  for     B. at      C. of
(    )46. A. also         B. either             C. too
(    )47. A. rains     B. rain        C. raining
(    )48.A. much        B. many          C. few
(    )49. A. talk         B. say          C. speak
(    )50. A. our        B. we            C. ourselves

( D )
      It seems that not all people like to work, but everyone likes to play .All over the world ,men and women ,boys and girls like____1____.Since the days of long ago, adults and children have called their friends together to spend___2___, even days playing games. Sports help people to live__3___. They help people healthy and feeling good. When they are playing games, people____4____ a lot. This is good for their health. Having fun with their friends makes them _____5____.
     Many people enjoy sports by watching others ______6____. In small towns ,crowds meet to watch the bicycle races or the soccer games. In the cities, thousands of people _____7___ to see an ice skating show or a baseball game.
     What are your favorite sports? Is the weather ____8____ where you live ? Then swimming is probably one of your sports. Boys and girls in China love to _____9___. There are wonderful beaches and there are beautiful rivers and ____10____across the country. The weather is also good for swimming.
(    )1.    A. sports         B.  work       C. movies
(    )2    A. weeks         B hours         C  years
(    )3    A busily          B lonely        C happily
(    )4    A think           B move        C  speak
(    )5    A to feel happy    B felt happy     C feel happy
(    )6   A. play           B  walk        C jump
(    )7   A. take turns      B. read newspapers   C buy tickets 
(    )8   A. Cool           B  hot          C  wet
(    )9   A. swimming       B  race       C ski
(    )10.  A. mountains      B lakes        C cities

( E )
There are many kinds of pollution around us ,such as air pollution, soil pollution , noise pollution and light pollution. They are bad ___1___ our health in many ways.
Burning gas ,oil and coal creates air pollution . It can cause sore eyes and breathing problems.
With the increase of pollution and the development of industry, litter is everywhere .____2__ makes our environment dirty. People put ___3__ rubbish into the land. Farmers use too many chemicals __4___. They destroy the soil. So soil pollution has become serious.
__5_ pollution people deaf. Foe example, people may lose their hearing___6
they work in a noisy place for a long time. Too much noise may cause high blood pressure_____7___.
_____8__ for a long time in strong, changeable light may cause some kinds of diseases. It makes people __9____ terrible.
With less pollution, our planet will become greener and our health will be __10_. Let’s be greener people.
(   )1. A  for          B  of        C to
(   )2. A  That         B They       C  It
(   )3.A  many         B  a lot       C  lots of
(   )4. A in the factories   B in the streets  C  in the fields
(   )5 A  Soil           B Noise        C Light
(   )6.A whether          B if          C or
(   )7.A as well           B  either     C also
(   )8.A Working          B works      C work
(   )9. A feeling          B to feel       C feel
(   )10. A good           B better        C best

The purpose of students who come to school is to study. But studying __1_ right ways or we would waste the time or the money. The followings are ways for studying.
The __2___time for reading is morning. Because in the morning, the air is fresh and our minds are clear. For that reason, we can get good results.
When we study we must be __3___. If we don’t understand a text well, we must read it again. We should not read the next _4   we have learned the first one well.
When we are studying, we must put our ___5__into the book. We cannot read absent-mindedly(心不在焉地), or we could get   6  from the book while we are reading.
We must always ask “why”. If we can’t understand  7  , write it down and ask our teachers or parents, brothers or friends, in  8  possible way. We must know it completely and then our knowledge can be used well.
Though there are many ways for studying,  __9__, the above mentioned(提到的)will be helpful if we can __10_ them in heart.
(   )1.A.needs           B. need            C. needed
(   )2. A. good           B. better           C. best
(   )3.A.careful          B. patient           C .bored
(   )4.A.as              B. until             C .after
(   )5.A.eyes            B. hands            C. hearts
(   )6.A.nothing          B. something        C. everything
(   )7.A.well             B. good            C. nice
(   )8.A.some            B. any             C. many
(   )9.A. but             B. or             C. however
(   )10.A. make        B. keep           C. have

One Saturday afternoon, Kate went to buy something for her sister and herself. As Kate was coming out of a   1   , a young lady walked towards her. She said she was Miss Green--a good friend of Kate’s sister’s. Kate    2   her. Then she called a taxi to send Kate home. She told the driver where he should go. Kate was    3   that it was not in the direction of her home.
“Why?” Kate asked. The lady smiled.
When they came to a quiet road, a big rough man   4   on the road. He stopped the taxi driver, knocked him down, tied him and threw him out of the taxi. At the same time, Miss Green took out a knife and   5  Kate. She asked Kate to keep    6  . The man then started the taxi.
“Oh, God! I’m being kidnapped(绑架) ,”Kate said to herself.
She tried to escape, but not succeeded. Suddenly an   7  came to her. She took out a lipstick(口红)from her pocket, wrote “SOS” on the window, and covered the word with her  8  . A few minutes later, a police car passed and the policemen saw the  9  . When the kidnappers saw the policemen, they stopped the taxi, jumped into the grass, and ran away.
The policemen then picked Kate up and sent her home. When her parents knew what had happened, they were greatly surprised. But they were also happy because their daughter had finally come back    10   . 
(   )1. A. school      B. taxi          C. shop                
(   )2. A. knew          B. believed          C. thanked          
(   )3. A. pleased           B. excited          C. surprised         
(   )4 A. appeared          B. climbed         C. fell              
(   )5. A. helped          B. frightened         C. saved           
(   )6. A. quiet          B. alive             C. relaxed            
(   )7. A. idea            B. answer           C. interest          
(   )8. A. hands          B. back             C. dress             
(   )9. A. picture         B. map               C. sign            
(   )10. A . safe          B. safely            C. safety           

When you want to have your eyesight checked, you go to see a doctor. The doctor makes you __1__ a chart with big and small “Es” on it. Do you know __2__ that chart came from?
It’s called the Enellen Chart. It __3__ by Herman Snellen, a Dutch doctor,in 1863.
When reading th chart, you should stand five meters,__4___ from it. Your eyes should also be at the same __5__ as __6___ line of letters.
You should then read the letters _7___ the top line to the bottom line. The letters get _8___ as they get nearer the bottom.
Doctors can __9___ if you are short-sighted ,long-sighted, or if you have good eyesight, by seeing what lines you can read.
If your doctor thinks you need ___10_ ,he’ll tell you to go to the hospital to get some..
(   )1. A. read                    B. reading                  C. to read
(   )2. A .what                    B. when                    C. where
(   )3. A .makes                 B. made                    C. was made
(   )4. A. away                    B. long                     C. learn
(   )5.A. high                     B. height                    C. tall
(   )6.A.ten                      B. tenth                    C. the tenth
(   )7.A.to                        B .at                       C .from
(   )8.A.small                     B. smaller                   C. bigger
(   )9.A.find on                    B. look for                  C .find
(   )10.A glass              B. glasses                   C .a pair of glass

It’s a library. Please come in. There are many different kinds of books here. There are books about other ___1__,like Japan and Mexico. You can find history books, literature books and so on.
Many students come here. They can study their lessons, find answers _2___questions in books. They can also find some information for __3__papers. There is a big dictionary on a ___4_ little table. The table is__5__ the corner of the library.
There are many things ___6_ here. You can read for fun. You can look at pictures. But__7__ talk aloud. A person must not talk aloud in ___8_ library. Libraries are__9 for people to read.
___10_to the library and enjoy it.
(   )1. A. country             B. countries                     C. countrys
(   )2 A . of                  B. for                        C. to
(   )3.A.student’s             B. students’                    C. students’s
(   ) 4.A.special             B. specialy                       C. specially
(   )5.A. on                 B. in                            C. behind
(   )6.A. to do               B. doing                         C .do
(   )7.A. not                 B. don’t                         C. no
(   )8.A.the                 B.×                            C.. a
(   )9.A.quiet places        B. quiet place                    C.quite places
(   )10.A.Go              B. Going                         C. Goes

41-45BABCA   46-50CABBC
41-45BCAAB   46-50CABBC
41-45BABCA   46-50CABBC
Keys : 1---5 A B C B C  6—10 A C B A B
Keys:1---5 A C CCB  6---10  B A ACB
Keys:  1-5ACBBC  6-10AABCB
Keys:  1-5CBCAB  6-10AABCB
Key:1 A 2.C 3 C 4 A 5.B 6C 7C 8B 9 A 10B
key1B 2.C 3.B 4.A 5.B 6.A 7.B 8C 9A 10 A